Has Rigorist Gone to Work for the McCain Campaign?

As some of my more loyal readers may know, I share this blog space with The Rigorist. In his former WordPress incarnation as Ecclesiastes, he made the following statements:

June 14 – “I preemptively conceded vivacious to Obama on the last thread. No doubt, Obama is a winner on every issue that matters to Democrats. Is he going to win the ‘good to his mother’ or ‘top student’ title next? Stay tuned to your favorite TV network and find out.”

June 11 – “Obama is prettier, and nicer. I asked around and I will preemptively concede that Obama is more vivacious, too.”

June 10 – “I have already conceded that Barack Obama is the prettiest candidate. Since the issue is raised before any others, I will also concede that he is the nicest. There. He’s prettier and nicer than McCain. At what point does policy or integrity become interesting to Democrats? What is after nice? Being good to his mother?”

June 4 – “I will concede the, demonstrated, most important policy and political point of the Democrats: Obama is prettier than anybody.”

So it was deja vu all over again when I saw the following John McCain anti-Obama ad nicknamed “Fan Club”:


I haven’t heard much from my blogging partner lately and this video makes me suspicious. Is the Rigorist advising the McCain campaign? Let’s hope not since, even though I almost always disagree with him, the Rigorist has much better debate skill than the McCain campaign has ever demonstrated. In fact, I’m waiting for the McCain gang to grow up and start campaigning on the issues.

P.S. Mind you, I’ve posted the old version of the ad. Someone associated with Mike Myers told McCain to get him the heck out of the video (GOOD FOR MIKE!)


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3 thoughts on “Has Rigorist Gone to Work for the McCain Campaign?

  1. “the Rigorist has much better debate skill than the McCain campaign has ever demonstrated.”

    Is that why Obama is afraid to engage McCain in debate or town-hall meeting? Seems like I recall the last debate Obama had the nerve to take part in, he didn’t do so well on the questions he didn’t have note-card answers for. Conveniently, the very next day he decided he didn’t want to play anymore.

    “Any time, any place.”

    Uh huh. We’re still waiting, Barack.

    (And yeah, I’ve been missing the Rigorist, too)

  2. For my part, I’m disappointed also that Barack has not done the town hall thing with McCain. I’ll take him at his word that his time is better spent criss-crossing the country to introduce himself to voters who still don’t know much about him.

    Talk to me after the official debates. I would bet the farm that Obama will clean McCain’s coo-coo clock. 🙂

  3. To be honest, neither Obama nor McCain has impressed me with his ability to speak off-the-cuff.

    I think that Sen. McCain needs to find an issue other than “Obama is cooler than I am” if he really wants to run a campaign. I would love to hear some intelligent discussion of ideas and proposals, but that’s too much to ask, isn’t it?

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