The Only Candidate to Out-Bush Bush

You have to hand it to the Republican Party. With the help of Republican primary voters from across the country they are about to nominate the only man who could take George W. Bush’s gift of gab to the next level. So not only do we get a Bush third term from a policy perspective, we get a third term of great oratory. This TPM video proves the point brilliantly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Could the American voter really be stupid enough to install this man in the White House?

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6 thoughts on “The Only Candidate to Out-Bush Bush

  1. Haha, you gotta love it.

    John McCain has a lot of trouble with public speaking… personally I was surprised that the Obama campaign refused to do all those public debates with him. I think you’d want to get this man out in public as much as possible, because sooner or later he will slip up. I’d say, “Sure, John, we’ll debate you. We’ll debate you every day of the week. Twice on Sundays!”

    I’m not old enough to vote you, but I’m praying that real voters are smarter than to elect this man.

    -xxxegxxx (

  2. The beautiful thing is TPM didn’t even tap the well completely. They didn’t touch the moment when McCain was asked about the insurance coverage of viagra vs contraception and he had a complete mental meltdown on camera.

    They also cut short a great snippet from the biker rally where he said something to the effect of “When I take office, I’ll call Congress back into session and make them get back to work.” Of course, Congress will be in session then anyway so he’ll have no need to call them. Unless of course he thinks he’s taking office sometime in the nearer future. 🙂

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