The Color of Infidelity

Tonight, two thoughts occur to me concerning the revelations of John Edwards’ infidelity.

First, I’m so thankful that I had not put all my hopes and dreams in him as so many of his supporters had. I say this without a speck of “I told you so” attitude. On the contrary, when I first heard the rumors of John’s fooling around, I dismissed it. But this election season has been characterized by the involvement of young voters who have cast aside the cynical attitude towards politics so prevalent in today’s discourse. My heart goes out to Edwards’ young supporters and I hope they understand that his personal failings don’t invalidate his stand on important public issues of the day.

Second, I cannot help but conjecture about how race effects political coverage. Is there any doubt that if the National Enquirer caught Barack Obama at a hotel with a strange woman, the MSM would have been all over it? When it came to Edwards, they gave the story a pass. It’s possible that his wife’s battle with cancer might have given the major media outlets some cause for restraint. Still, I cannot help but believe that Barack Obama would never have made it past last October if such a story leaked out about him.

Which brings me back to my first point. I HAVE invested a lot of my hopes and dreams in Barack Obama. I am hoping that any Obama mistress that might be out there would have been unearthed by the Republican attack machine by now. As self confident as Obama is, let us hope that the narcissism that brought down John Edwards does not compromise the moral stature of Barack.

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11 thoughts on “The Color of Infidelity

  1. I don’t get the cheating-vibe from Barack Obama at all, Rutherford. I did get a “something about that man I don’t trust” vibe from John Edwards, though. I had no idea it would be cheating, but I did know that I wasn’t going to support him. Dennis Kucinich is who I wanted originally and I don’t get the cheating-vibe from him either. 😉

    Johnny McTeleprompter is also a cheater, but does the MSM focus on that? Nope! Jerks.

  2. Kay, I agree with you 100%. I don’t get that vibe from Barack either. In fact I think he’s too scared of Michelle to try a stunt like that 😉

    Sadly, I was one of those who greatly enjoyed Kucinich, Gravel and Ron Paul. All of them spoke truth that basically disqualified them from becoming President. Oh well.

    As for McCain, I am quite annoyed that the New York Times didn’t do their homework on his affair with the lobbyist. They went to press prematurely and then got so beaten up for it that they dropped the whole thing. Leave it to the National Enquirer to get us the real scoop! 🙂

  3. I know what you mean … If Mike Huckabee were to be found out as a philanderer, I’d feel crushed. On the other hand, I SERIOUSLY doubt that Sen. Obama has anything coming. For one thing, I’m pretty sure that the Republicans would have found it by now, and for another thing I think that he is just too good a person to be involved in something like that.

    Not to be confused with the Republican candidate, of course, who has apparently cheated on both of his wives.

    It’s a good question about race … but how much really was said about Jesse Jackson when that all broke? It doesn’t seem to come up when people remark on him, except in the talk-radio circuits. In the hypothetical, it’s tough to say … I guess I’m not sure of a real example.

  4. The attractive point of Obama is his integrity. I think he’s a Socialist and a dangerous dreamer on international affairs, but he’s honestly so. Michelle marries the worst aspects of Hillary to the best of Laura Bush. I have no doubt that she and Barak honestly and completely love one another. They appear to be each other’s hero and refuge.

    Regarding the major media, I have little doubt that if they were to find an affair, they would cover it up as best they could, just as they did Clinton’s, Edwards’ and Jackson’s. I haven’t heard anything of a McCain infidelity, but since he was the media’s darling – a Democrat in the Republican hen house – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if one had be covered up prior to this campaign.

    Jackson has been a joke from the beginning, the very very beginning, in Memphis. In fact, Jesse was the foundation of one of the best office jokes *I’ve* ever told. I walked into work and, in the manner of a joke, I told them that Bill Clinton was going to him for spiritual guidance for his fidelity problems. The punch line was I wasn’t joking.

  5. Wickle, Mike Huckabee told the NRA a month or two ago that he’d like to shoot Barack Obama. Did it get coverage? Nope!

    If Johnny McTeleprompter wins in November, it will be because of:

    1) The MSM

    2) Diebold

    The End.

  6. Rigorist, are you under the impression that the republicans have always been faithful to their wives? Huh. Interesting. Check this out:

    Kind of scary, but hey, if you want to focus on Edwards & Jackson and question Barack, go ahead. You’ll end up looking like a hypocrite like the rest of the “self-righteous” republicans who are always pointing fingers at Democrats but end up doing exactly what they’ve accused the Dems of.

    Bunch of dumb dumbs.

  7. I wasn’t addressing the prevalence of Republican moral lapses, just the proven tendency of the media to ignore Democrat ones.

    By the way, if you would engage your mind before reading, you would see I have been nothing but complimentary towards Barak Obama in this matter.

    Well, if you could engage your mind before reading. I promise I won’t rat you out to the DNC, DU, or Kos for thinking. Give it a shot.

  8. Kay, while I appreciate your support I do think your comment about Huckabee warrants a slight correction.

    Huckabee, during an NRA visit, joked (in a display of very poor taste) that a bang heard backstage was the sound of Obama dodging a gunman. So he didn’t really say he wanted to shoot the man himself. Also, if you’re an MSNBC junkie like I am, there was abundant coverage of this gaffe and particular outrage expressed by Keith Olberman.

    If you’re referring to a different incident, please correct me.

    Also, somewhat to my surprise (LOL), Rigorist has not besmirched Obama from a sexual mores point of view so I do have to defend him on that. 🙂

  9. I was going to correct Kay, but I’m with Rutherford … that’s the incident that I know. A poor joke, perhaps (if I ever actually make my list of Huckabee’s top 5 mistakes, that was probably one of them), but not the same as saying that he wanted to shoot Obama.

    Rigorist, the media didn’t cover up the Clinton affair … many of them have been played out all over the place. There was discussion about whether they should matter, but underlying all of that is the inescapable fact that they happened. Jackson doesn’t get as much coverage, but since he’s not that big a figure (except in his own mind), that’s reasonably appropriate. National news hasn’t hit on Gov. Benson’s (R-NH) affair while in office, either … but since he ranks “nobody” on the national scale, that’s not a cover-up so much as an appropriate level of coverage.

    Edwards didn’t benefit from a cover-up so much as general skepticism about the Enquirer. Given the Enquirer’s tendency to report on such things as aliens on the moon and the pending divorce of Laura and George Bush, one can understand why the Enquirer isn’t the newspaper of record.

  10. Wickle,

    Bill Clinton’s infidelities were widely if not universally known in the press corps prior to the Lewinski scandal. He had people in his campaign and administration dedicated to suppressing ‘bimbo eruptions’, and the major media played along, until the Enquirer didn’t.

    You’re mistaking me for someone far younger and more credulous. I watched it happen.

  11. Actually, Rigorist, I was around for it, too.

    I also make no assumptions about your age, nor was I specifically talking about Lewinsky. I’m sure you remember the endless stories about Gennifer Flowers?

    By the way, just a fun little question … Why not have an investigation into all of these media “cover-ups”? If we’re giving credentials to people to cover government events, granting special access, etc., and these people aren’t fulfilling their role in a legitimate fashion, why not produce some real facts about it? Look into who gets access to the Briefing Room, Air Force One, anything?

    What? Is that the sound of not one, single legislator or politician from either major party suggesting such a thing?

    No one likes the way press outlets cover their party’s scandals or don’t cover the other party’s scandals. One side will complain about a media feeding frenzy while the other, sometimes simultaneously, complains of a cover-up.

    It’s fun to blame the press, but I’m not buying.

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