C’mon, Let the Old Man Alone

No, I’m not talking about John McCain. I’m talking about Ted (“the internet is a series of tubes”) Stevens, the 84 year old Senator from Alaska who has just been indicted on a bunch of federal charges.

Did he kill anybody? No.
Did he launder drug money? No.
Did he sleep with a hooker or get “serviced” in an airport restroom? No.
Did he mastermind the most foolish military exercise in the history of this country? No.

What did he do? He got a bunch of freebies on his house in exchange for some votes and then withheld information about the “gifts”, in violation of government regulations.

Now, you all know I’m not quick to defend Republicans, but doesn’t the federal government have better things to prosecute than an 84 year old man turning his house from two stories to three with a little help from a company he gave favors to?

Wouldn’t our prosecutorial time be better spent pursuing war crimes indictments against one George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?


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10 thoughts on “C’mon, Let the Old Man Alone

  1. True that. If Stevens ends up in the clink a group of us will have to bust him out using a dump truck. If nothing else just for the irony.

  2. The answer of course is why can’t we all just nail all of them.

    Then again I hear the DOJ has been occupied with other matters lately…

    So I guess it is either nail Bush or Stevens.

    Hard choice but I’m gonna have to go with Bush.

  3. The Republicans ‘going after’ Stevens, illuminates the difference between they and the Democrats.

    After nominating McCain, that’s important.

    I haven’t seen that Stevens arranged favorable treatment for the aforementioned contractor, but I haven’t been looking either. As a small contractor, myself, I can see circumstances where the improvements it might have been a gift without strings, but, considering the complexity of interior work, I frankly doubt it.

    If for no other reason than to have d’EMOcrats noses shoved into the hard wall of reality, I favor those ‘war crimes’ investigations myself.

  4. “…turning his house from two stories to three” – my bad.

    After seeing a photo of aforementioned home, I realized he turned his one story house into a two story house.

    By the way, I’m no contractor but isn’t it easier to build a 2nd story on top of an existent first story, rather than lift the whole damn house and insert another story?

  5. In contracting, where work isn’t steady, there is a problem with retaining one’s best people. Either they will go to work for the competition, who got the contract the first didn’t, or given too much time to think about it will go into business for themselves.

    Between contracts, it is common to find ‘make work’ to keep those people busy and drawing a paycheck.

    The problem with this idea is fully finishing a second story, with all the attention to stylistic detail that it would call for, is above and beyond just keeping one’s people busy.

    As far as lifting a house, it’s just a job. Ya run the calculator and the numbers come out the top. It’s not that big a deal.

  6. “Did he mastermind the most foolish military exercise in the history of this country? ”

    …genocide is “foolish”?
    …the elimination of Hussein was “foolish:?
    …freeing the Iraqi’s and giving them some semblance of freedom, voting rights, and controlling their own lifes, etc. was “foolish”?

    Apparently you have not read any of the translated Hussein documents….

    That “foolish military exercise” was one of the most brilliant military achievements….true, post-war was run poorly because of Iran, Syria, and other unforseen complications along with the shameful actions of Democrats who failed to unite behind the commander in chief as in past wars.only to prolong the war…..even though they voted for the war, had preached the necessity for destroying Hussein throughout the 90s, and the horrendous threat of Wmd’s. Denied their own written and videoed words of the 90s….

    . Apparently you’re too young to remember the other wars, other mistakes, other miscalculations….100x more unnecessary deaths.
    all under Democrats.

    We won in Iraq, final negotiations are just about complete. Iraq is however, demanding withdrawal of troops not until 2011. Big media secret…good news for Republicans but bad news for Dems especially during an election.

    Temporary peace in Afghanistan in a small area only is a different story. We tried the deep-bombing and it didn’t work as well as we had hoped; ground forces are impossible in the mountains and hidden tunnels. Russia couldn’t do it in 10 years and I doubt if the American people will accept that possibility. Backroom talks are being held with U.S., Karzai and the Taliban. Considering NATO isn’t doing much good and our allies are acting only as “peacekeepers” leaving the fighting to us, hopefully Petraus has something up his sleeve to solve this problem….certainly a new administration led by Obama will not!

  7. Jazz, I was almost with you on that last paragraph and then you had to blow it with the Obama comment. Barack Obama’s take on Afghanistan has been way more aggressive than anyone else on the scene. He is also in favor of actually finding Osama Bin Laden instead of playing stupid games that have made no progress in this regard.

    Speaking of Osama, our diversion in Iraq has kept us from pursuing the folks who actually hurt us on 9/11. Even a McCain devotee like yourself ought to know that.

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