C’mon, Let the Old Man Alone

No, I’m not talking about John McCain. I’m talking about Ted (“the internet is a series of tubes”) Stevens, the 84 year old Senator from Alaska who has just been indicted on a bunch of federal charges.

Did he kill anybody? No.
Did he launder drug money? No.
Did he sleep with a hooker or get “serviced” in an airport restroom? No.
Did he mastermind the most foolish military exercise in the history of this country? No.

What did he do? He got a bunch of freebies on his house in exchange for some votes and then withheld information about the “gifts”, in violation of government regulations.

Now, you all know I’m not quick to defend Republicans, but doesn’t the federal government have better things to prosecute than an 84 year old man turning his house from two stories to three with a little help from a company he gave favors to?

Wouldn’t our prosecutorial time be better spent pursuing war crimes indictments against one George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?


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