The Surge: Premature Joculation

Much has been made lately of Barack Obama’s refusal to admit that the surge has worked. Even the liberal MSM has questioned why Obama won’t give McCain his props for supporting such a great military strategy.

What am I missing here? We are not even at pre-surge troop levels yet and the oft cited reduction in violence has not had much time to endure. In fact, just today three female suicide bombers struck Baghdad and another struck Kirkuk killing and wounding loads of innocent citizens. We won’t even go into the fact that the goal of the surge, to provide Maliki’s government some air cover while they get their act together, has not yet been completely achieved.

It’s way too early to celebrate, folks, and Barack is right to not ring the victory bell too loudly. That McCain is making the “successful surge” one of his talking points should be no surprise. He’s part and parcel of an administration that declared “mission accomplished” before sending thousands more young American men and women to die.

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One thought on “The Surge: Premature Joculation

  1. A return to 2004 violence levels was needed, even if it hasn’t translated politically. Obama’s refusal to admit that the surge was a military success is a classic example partisan propaganda. Yes, former Sen. Gravel said “My God all these soldiers will have died in vain. You know what’s worse than soldiers dying in vain? More soldiers dying in vain. That’s what’s worse.” He may have been right, but when you examine the Iraqi situation further, you see that Mr. Obama is asking for a premature withdrawal, flying the “Mission Accomplished” banner long before its due, like Mr. Bush, before him.

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