Can You Spot the POTUS?

Sit back and let me take you on a flight of fancy.

Imagine Bobby. Bobby has been in a coma for the past nine years. When he awakes, as far as he knows the President of the United States is Bill Clinton. We tell him that is no longer the case but rather than tell him who the current President is, we try a little experiment with him. We play Bobby two sets of video and then ask him who he thinks the President might be.

Video 1: “What do you see, Bobby?”
“Mmmm, well, I see a middle aged tall black man. Looks like he’s talking to the head of Afghanistan. OK, now he’s talking with Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq. Mmmm, he’s shaking hands with Bebe Netanyahu in Israel. Oh, look now he’s talking with Andrea Merkel in Germany. Wow! Look at that crowd in Berlin that he’s talking to! Wait a minute, is he in a press conference with the President of France? OK, I’ve seen enough. I know who the current President is.”

“Hold on Bobby! We’ve got another set of videos to show you.”

Video 2: “Bobby, now what do you see?”
“Ah that’s sweet. Looks like a retired guy going golfing. Hey is that George H. W. Bush he’s golfing with? Wow, real nice of the former President to take that old guy golfing with him. Ah, ok now we see this same guy grocery shopping. Looks like he’s a grandpa shopping with the family. He seems to have a preference for cheese. Oh what’s this? Ah, now the old guy is having a nice lunch at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Restaurant. It sure is nice to see this fella enjoying his retirement: heck, golfing, grocery shopping with the family and a nice leisurely lunch. Ehhh, one question. Why are you showing me this video clip of this retiree?”

OK, flight of fancy over. Now I ask you. Isn’t it hard to believe that McCain has put someone new in charge of the campaign?

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15 thoughts on “Can You Spot the POTUS?

  1. Cute. Although you were trying to make a statement about the candidates, I think it says more about media bias and the coverage they provide. Not a criticism, just an observation. I enjoyed the unintentional statement.
    Tim Wisdom

  2. Tim, can you really blame the media when the McCain campaign is so piss poor at image control? Glad you liked the post.

  3. And despite that lack of image control, he is still neck and neck with Obama. Not bad considering the $$$ Obama spends on it.

    But I am curious about a few things.

    Did Bobby get to see the video of the middle-aged tall black man visiting troops in Germany?

    Neither did we….

    Did Bobby get to see any video of the middle-aged tall black man debating the retriree or taking public questions with him?

    Neither have we….

    Did Bobby get to see the video of the retiree recently visiting the leaders of nations we are neighbors with?

    Now, that one we did see.

    I think Bobby needs to be shown a few more videos.


  4. “Did Bobby get to see the video of the middle-aged tall black man visiting troops in Germany?” Red Pill, shame on you to promote this total distortion of the truth. Obama had every intention of visiting the troops in Germany and was prevented from doing so by the Pentagon, who claimed his visit would be politically motivated, i.e. he could not visit them without a congressional delegation. From what I understand, he did place a phone call to them, the best he could do under the circumstances. If this had been McCain, the Pentagon wouldn’t have said squat.

  5. Barack Obama has every right to visit that base as a sitting Senator of the United States. Perhaps he has forgotten that he holds that title, since it appears to be but a small stepping-stone towards his ultimate goal.

    He would have had to leave his campaign staff and reporters out, and wouldn’t have been able to make a photo-op out of it. So he instead chose to go for a leisurely workout before checking out the city of Berlin.

    If that call was worth 2 cents he would have made it the very moment he was supposedly informed that he couldn’t go. He only picked up the phone after this became a PR issue.

    This just doesn’t wash.

  6. Red Pill, ehhhhh, no. By the time Obama got to Germany, he had sent his congressional staff home. There was no way he was going to visit the troops in defiance of the Pentagon. As for the press, the press was NOT with him on the first leg of the trip when he was with the congressional delegation. The photos we saw were all taken by the military. So this notion that all he wanted was photo ops is baloney. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, he visited wounded troops in the Middle East without any accompanying publicity.

    Obama has walked the fine line between fact finding mission and superstar world tour beautifully. While he was gone, McCain blew a great opportunity to focus on domestic issues, particularly economic. Instead John chased after Obama’s headlines all week and at the nadir of his political rhetoric, implied that Obama would sooner see his and other American families killed, than to lose this campaign. Really pathetic.

  7. OH Yes. Obama is prettier, nicer, and more vivacious.

    As hard as you avoid the issues to focus on this tripe you deserve these replies:

    Do note, these are NOT from Red State Update.

  8. Well, a couple jars of applesauce did try to take out poor McCain on his recent grocery store visit…I don’t think they would have attempted something so dramatic if they thought he didn’t have any chance of winning the presidency.

  9. They are all image attacks, the kind of thing McCain can shrug off because he’s not about image.

    I’m not so sure about Obama’s ability to ignore them.

    I’m not so sure about your ability to ignore them. According to your posts, you have accepted Obamessiah to be your personal Saviour.

  10. And there is this note from Captain Capitalism, on the prevalence of Che’ posters in Obama campaign offices:

    “Does anybody hate Che as much as me while we’re on the topic? How somebody who was a murderer and basically a deadbeat loser could attain such cult status from people who really don’t know about the man but fall in love with his “rebel” like status? I mean Captain Jack Sparrow, now he was a rebel. Han Solo, he was a rebel. Ronald Reagan, he was a rebel. And rebels that fought for good and brought about a reduction in poverty only Che and his economically impotent socialist counterparts could only dream on.

    Perhaps it shows the intellect of Obama supporters as there’s a persistent occurrence of Che images in his campaign; they don’t know what he stands for, just that he’s “hot” and a glamorous “rebel.” Young foolish puppy-love with no maturity, wisdom or adulthood going into their decision to choose who will be the leader of the free world…or at least the free world for now.”

    Image, image, image.

  11. Assuming I found the Captain Capitalism to which you refer, please provide a link ‘cos I can’t find a blog entry on his blog that covers this. (Sadly, his archive links are broken for the time being.)

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