A Final Plea to Women Voters

By now I should think that every half way intelligent politically minded woman in this country has read that John McCain publically called his wife a c**t. So it astounds me when I see the likes of Carly Fiorina and Jill Hazelbaker stumping for him. What self respecting woman would do this?

I think I finally figured out that it’s not an issue of self respect. It’s a simple issue of intelligence. You see, when conservative women read that John McCain called his wife a c**t, they make the following translations:

John McCain called his wife a cast.

John McCain called his wife a cart.

John McCain called his wife a cant.

John McCain called his wife a cent.

John McCain called his wife a cyst.

Now I know that no woman, even if she lacks self respect, would vote for a man who would demean her mother or her sister or her daughter. No woman would support a man who thinks it’s funny that her daughter. mother or sister would enjoy being raped by a gorilla. Therefore, as a service to conservative women everywhere, let me spell it out for you.

John McCain called his wife a C-U-N-T.

Now, please vote accordingly.


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58 thoughts on “A Final Plea to Women Voters

  1. How about women (like my wife) who will vote for John McCain because there are issues that dwarf the fact that he called her a cunt. Terrorists, taxes, Mexican surge, taxes, the economy, taxes, abortion, taxes, redistribution of wealth, oil, taxes and taxes. I don’t know the woman. Maybe she’s a cunt.

  2. I don’t know if it’s true. I don’t care if it’s true.

    McCain is a Democrat in the wrong party, a RINO, a liberal.

    So, yeah, I can believe he called his wife a cunt.

    So what?

  3. I almost think McCain calling her a “cent” would be more offensive. Girl exhales hundred dollar bills.

  4. A hearty LOL to my friend at CloaknBadger!

    Davis, is there any price you or your wife for that matter won’t pay for lower taxes? Since you mention abortion, McCain’s pro-life stance is so typical of conservatives. Gotta make sure we protect your right to be born, but once you exit the vagina, to hell with you. Don’t wanna help you out too much after that cos it might raise my taxes.

    Don’t any women read this blog? So far, I’ve heard from Cindy-haters, McCain haters, and seriously-in-denial McCain supporters. I’m waiting for a woman (not a woman’s husband) to either tell me why I’m full of it, or take a stand with me!

  5. For those who are thinking Johnny McTeleprompter never called his wife a trollop or a c**t, well, I’ve got to point this out to you. Johnny did say this back in 1997:

    “I am a war criminal; I bombed innocent women and children”. ~ John McCain stated on 60 Minutes in 1997

    See? He says a lot of things. Hell, just recently he called Russia the “Soviet Union” and told Barack Obama he has to go to Czechoslovakia. Imbecile.

  6. Johnny doesn’t have a lot of friends in the Senate and that’s because he lashes out verbally at all of them. He did call his wife a c**t and a trollop in a brief fit of rage.

    He’s got anger issues. He’s not releasing his full military/medical records for a reason. And we all know what the reason is: HE’S BATSHIT CRAZY.

  7. Rutherford, you question my veracity for “automatically” supporting McCain because I am adamant about wanting lower taxes? But, your sole explanation on the post was “By now I should think that every half way intelligent politically minded woman in this country has read that John McCain publically called his wife a c**t. So it astounds me when I see the likes of Carly Fiorina and Jill Hazelbaker stumping for him. What self respecting woman would do this?” No, I’m a conservative after a careful consideration of the facts, nuances, history, platforms, track records and idealogies of the two parties. I draw a hell of a distinction between those who cannot and those who will not. Being the male chauvanist pig I am, I would even say that we should cut women and children more slack simply because they are women and children. I like Obama’s stance on personal responsibility and “manning up.” I just don’t believe him and think he is slithering to the right in order to be elected.

  8. Kay, what does that 60 Minutes quote or McCain’s gaffes (as if Obama doesn’t have countless) have to do with the discussion at hand? Do you have some actual proof that John McCain called his wife that name?

    For the record, I am not saying McCain never called his wife that name. I don’t know that he did or didn’t.

    I don’t know because I have never seen or heard any proof. I have heard a lot of people make the claim, but they never back it up. Kind of like what I am seeing here.

    This reminds me of that Michelle Obama “whitey” tape rumor. Rutherford, did you believe that rumor just because 1 guy said he had the tape, or did you reserve judgement until you saw proof?

    My speculation is that you demanded proof before you would even consider the notion. So why would you expect women voters to be any different concerning this issue?

    Talk is cheap, folks. You either need to back this up with some proof or you are being even worse than we were with the whole Wright thing. At least we had tapes of what he said.

  9. I will also point out that, while there is obviously no tape of McCain calling his wife an ugly name, there is lots of tape of Barack Obama referring to women with the condescending term of “sweetie.” He even admits it is a bad habit of his.

    So who is really the male chauvanist pig in this election?

  10. Red Pill, McCain’s own people call the gorilla rape joke “McCain just being McCain.” Gorilla rape vs “sweetie”? You’ve GOT to be kidding! Obama marries a successful woman in her own right whom he clearly respects while McCain marries a trophy wife with documented questionable ethics.

    The whole point of my post was that when it comes to gender politics and John McCain, you don’t want to even go there.

  11. And my whole point is that you are making your point based on completely unsubstantiated claims. The basis of your arguement was not the “gorilla joke,” it was the name-calling that you have absolutely no proof ever even happened.

    And when I call you on proof, you move the foul lines to gorilla jokes and don’t even mention the name-calling incident? C’mon…

    I can respect your point on gender politics. I am not saying I agree with it, but I can respect it. What I can’t respect are unsubstantiated claims made against anyone. If you say someone did or said something, you should be prepared to back it up with proof. As I mentioned, the Michelle Obama “whitey” tape is a perfect example. Are you prepared to accept that claim as truth without seeing the tape?

  12. Red Pill, after considerable googling, I haven’t found any independent corroboration of Schecter’s claim. Therefore, you have every right to doubt him. I’m still not convinced this is equivalent to Michelle’s rumored “whitey tape.” Schecter’s claim is published in a book that lawyers must have felt would pass the “libel/slander test”. McCain’s female flackie called the book “trash” but I’m pretty sure McCain has been mum on the subject. There is no book, citing anonymous sources that documents Michelle’s supposed rant. So, while it’s not the airtight defense I would prefer, I still claim that a book citing anonymous sources holds more weight than an internet rumor.

    From the gorilla joke, to the way McCain treated his first wife, you can toss the c**t incident and still have lots to be upset about from a woman’s perspective. I stand by my statement … women who support McCain need a wake up call.

  13. Yes, Obama is prettier, nicer, and more vivacious.

    Isn’t the important thing whether or not he is just, rather than how well he’s getting along with his wife, or whether he uses profanity?

    I know you’re looking for clues, but … d*mn.

  14. Okay, Michelle Obama referred to Caucasians as ‘Whitey’.

    I’m shocked.
    I’m crushed.
    Really, I am.

    She’s going to be the First Lady, not the Attorney General.

  15. “Yes, Obama is prettier, nicer, and more vivacious.”

    If you look at the photo ops of the past few days, I think he looks downright presidential too. And he throws one helluva 3-pointer.

  16. Rutherford,

    He doesn’t look Presidential to me. He looks like an empty suit. He’s a legislator, not an administrator. He dreams. He negotiates. He compromises. Yeah, McCain too.

    That’s fine in a pool with a lifeguard. I want to know that when we give Obama a weapon, that he will use it. I want him to understand what it is to be sovereign.

    He doesn’t understand. He will just try to appeal his ‘case’ to a larger ‘legal’ system, like that worthless fiction, the World Court. He can’t use a spitball effectively.

    Americans will die, here, in this country. They won’t be soldiers, ready to defend themselves. America is going to look more and more like Israel every day after January 20th ’09. They have already had their big event, next they will bleed us slowly.

    The really sad part of that is that Democrats and liberals could actually make a huge difference. There are manners of Jihad which are just your kind of fight. I’d tell you how, but for the next paragraph.

    Democrats and activist liberals in general will remain purposefully ignorant because to address the enemy would call their own moral compromises into question. You and yours will be the enemy’s political human shield.

  17. “Americans will die, here, in this country.” Since you consider McCain a RINO, can I then assume you think we are doomed one way or another? Should I start hording supplies in my basement?

  18. rutherfordl,

    McCain hasn’t held fast to any identifiable position, so yes, we’re doomed either way. I wasn’t clear about that before? I’ve obviously been too shy, timid, and equivocal. I’ll try and be more emphatic in the future.

    No need to start hording supplies. It *is* time to start donating blood.

    The liberals tied this up in March. They’re both your guys. I think Red Pill has drunk the ‘rally behind the Republican’ kool-aid. I wash my hands of the whole thing.

  19. Don’t mistake my support for John McCain as approval of John McCain. To be honest, I only support him because I know how partisan politics works. I disagree with him on a great many issues, illegal immigration not being the least of them. I didn’t even vote for him in the CA primary (even though he already had it locked up by then)

    I will never vote for Barack Obama. Period. It’s nothing personal, it’s a basic ideology thing. Mine just differs too much from his.

    Having said that, I live in California. So if I sit home and don’t vote, that is as good as giving a vote to Obama. And that is unacceptable.

    So I suck it up and stump for McCain as the lessor evil.

  20. When you consider what we would get if/when liberals are elected, I would vote for Bugs Bunny, if, he was on the Republican Ticket. I agree, I was hoping for Huckabee, but, I’ll have to settle for McCain.

  21. Hey Ecclesiastes , Red Pill and Davis, there’s always Nader and Barr.

    Sounds like this is the year you guys need to fight to get beyond the two party system!

  22. I would prefer a no-party system.

    And how about that Obama dress code for women?

    Reporters traveling overseas with Sen. Barack Obama were thrown a bit of curve last week when the campaign emailed a “dress code” for Israel and Jordan. Aides had passed along as a courtesy the list that they had distributed to their staff to follow. But some of the tips raised a few eyebrows, particularly among the female reporters.

    “Do not wear green.” (Explained later as the color of Hamas)

    “Do not wear nail polish.”

    “Women should only wear a limited amount of jewelry.”

    “Shoulders and arms must be fully covered (no strapless tops, no tank tops, no short sleeve shirts.)”

    “Closed-toe shoes, women should also wear stockings.”

    At historical and religious sites, a suit or slacks should be worn, shoulders and arms must be covered (“no strapless tops, no tanks tops no short sleeve shirts”), shoes might need to be removed, and women may be asked to cover their heads and “should be prepared with a scarf/pashmina,” the email stated.

    Because Obama’s sweeties are just too stupid to act professional without being told.

  23. I guess Andrea Mitchell didn’t get the memo. I thought I saw plenty of shoulder and bare arms on her at today’s press conference in Amman.

  24. Until I looked twice, I held hope that McCain’s Supreme Court picks would be different from Obama’s or Hillary’s. Oh well.


    Ruherford, you *did* know that every time I post a youtube link it’s Red State Update giving McCain a hard time, right?

  25. Ecclesiastes, I hadn’t heard of Red State Update before your posts but I get a major kick out of them.

  26. Oh look. Obama said he didn’t want his trip to Iraq to be a ‘stunt’, and now Mitchell tells us that his visit everywhere is a stunt.

    Instead of plants amongst the press corps, he eliminated the press corps so his plants wouldn’t stick out.

    Yep. He’s an empty suit.

  27. In 1992, the Republican Party insisted that “Character Counts” and we cited all kinds of reasons why no reasonable person should trust Bill Clinton. I still think that we were right.

    Sadly, the GOP no longer does. Too many certifiable reprobates, including the philanderer McCain, have been put into too many high-level positions for me to think that the Reps are any better than the Dems.

    Look beyond the two-party system? Heck, yes … I’m backing Joe Schriner.

  28. “As long as the discussion is in the gutter ( profanity? Gawd. ) let’s just go all out: …” Ecclesiastes., I owe you a great debt of gratitude. By pointing our readers to the insane ravings of “Psycho Dave”, you’ve made my argument look downright reasonable. At least I’m not claiming that McCain is a homosexual Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 🙂

  29. Dear God, Kay. Will you ever drop the “McTelepropmter” business?

    It’s hard to use a teleprompter when taking open questions from an audience. McCain does that almost daily. When is the last time you saw Obama taking open questions from any audience? He didn’t even do it for the NAACP. McCain did. And when he does get questions he doesn’t have prompted answers to you get “uuuhhhh…errrrrrr…..uuummmmmm.” That’s why he is afraid to debate.

    And besides, we have already covered this book and there is not another thing on this planet that we have found to substantiate it. Maybe you found some?

    Just because somebody writes something down, that doesn’t make it true. And if it does, then the same rules need to apply to Obama and any trash books that come out about him. There is still a while until November, and you know they are coming.

  30. RedPill,

    I rather doubt that Kay will drop the “McTeleprompter” business, unless she comes up with a more-childish nickname to use. I think she was using McCrazy last time I crossed her path.

    She’s one of the many people who amuse themselves by the use of stupid nicknames. Whether on the RIght, Left, or otherwise, I think it’s a pathetic practice, but it’s popular nonetheless. I don’t like Sen. McCain, I’m not voting for Sen. McCain, and I’d rather not see Sen. McCain again.

    Having said all that, I have enough respect for him as a human being, and both myself and those with whom I’m talking as thinking adults, that I will call him “Sen. McCain,” or at least “McCain,” rather than mess with his name in some juvenile fashion. I outgrew that kind of thing in about the 5th grade, I think.

    (And all of that is true if you replace “McCain” with “Obama,” too, by the way.)

  31. Wickle, I hadn’t heard of Joe Shriner before your post so I googled him. He seems like a nice guy (“average” guy in his words) who deserves a better government. I also think this world is too complex for a guy like Joe to be running it. Personally, I think Joe will be much better off with Obama than McCain.

  32. Well, to be honest, I did favor Gov. Huckabee. But I had to decide what to do when he withdrew. If we line up issue by issue, Obama probably does do better. But BAIPA is just an inescapable deal-breaker for me.

  33. It just gets better and better … now McCain publicly suggested that Cindy participate in a biker topless beauty pageant.

  34. So what?

    Maybe he was confident she could win.

    You’re all about women’s rights. Isn’t it a woman’s right to get up on stage in front of a crowd of howling men and show off her tits if she wants to?

  35. Unfortunately Red Pill you assume Cindy wants to. There is something unseemly about a man volunteering his wife for a topless beauty pageant, particularly if he hopes she will one day be First Lady of the USA. Makes him look something short of a pimp.

  36. You know, there once was a time when Republicans talked about family values, decency, things like that … and back then, we didn’t even joke about encouraging topless events of any kind. In fact, we used to talk about such events as inherently degrading to women and treating them like objects.

    Those, by the way, would be back in the days when I used to be a Republican. There just might be a relationship between the two circumstances.

    Of course, back then we used to think that cheating on one’s wife was a bad thing, too.

  37. Wickle, I think it’s fascinating that for all the Republican’s trumpeting about family values, it is a Democrat who will most likely bring decency and family values back to the White House.

    One of my greatest fears has been that there is a woman out there (other than Michelle) ready to scream “I slept with Obama.” So far it has not happened and I doubt it will because the Republicans would have found her and outed her by now.

  38. Wickle, I believe that both parties have those who are guilty of infidelity. And decency is in the eye of the beholder.

    Also, for the record, John McCain did not volunteer his wife for a topless beauty pageant.

    “I was looking at the Sturgis schedule, and noticed that you had a beauty pageant, so I encouraged Cindy to compete. I told her with a little luck, she could be the only woman to serve as both the First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip”

    Encouragement is not volunteering. If things were that easy, I would have “volunteered” my son for the job I have been “encouraging” him to get. The inherent difference here–and I know it is one that is often difficult for liberals to comprehend—is freedom. Regardless of how much we may “encourage” people to do things, they are free to do what they want. I’d have thought you folks understood that by now.

    Also, while the Miss Buffalo Chip contests do often feature eventual topless contestants, that doesn’t seem to be a part of the official dress code for competing. In fact, the unofficial contest doesn’t seem to have any rules at all. At least none that I can find on the Buffalo Chip Sturgis Rally website.

    Rutherford, for someone who is always so concerned about words being put into your mouth, you sure have rushed to do the same to John McCain in this instance. Shame on you.

  39. Rutherford, what has George W. Bush done during his presidency that is indecent or goes against family values?

    Has he cheated on his wife while in office?
    Has he had phone sex with other women while in office?
    Has he recieved a bl*wjob from pages while in office?
    Has he left any stains on the dresses of other women while in office?
    Has he had cigar sex with other women while in office?

    Exactly what indecency has he brought to the White House?

  40. “Rutherford, for someone who is always so concerned about words being put into your mouth…” Actually, you’ve just put words in my mouth again LOL. I don’t get overly upset by folks putting words in my mouth because it is one the clearest ways that they show their own opinion or bias.

    I think encouraging vs volunteering is splitting hairs. “I encouraged my wife to do something that should be beneath her.” vs “I volunteered my wife to do something that should be beneath her.” Both cases show disrespect for the woman in question.

    Red Pill, you are right on one thing though. I should not have said “back to the White House” since it did imply a lack of family decency on Bush’s part, a claim I cannot support. I meant that Obama and not McCain would bring decency to the White House. I also never went so far as to claim Democrats have a monopoly on family values. I limited myself to Obama.

    I never have and never would hold up Bill Clinton as a model of decency. Although I do find a difference between Clinton and McCain, one that is no doubt disputable. I think Clinton genuinely loves women and that is part of his problem. I think McCain holds them in contempt to some degree. Honestly, Clinton’s randiness does not strike me the same as McCain’s misogyny. I’m sure true feminists would say there is no difference.

  41. Oh, the hillarity….

    ““Rutherford, for someone who is always so concerned about words being put into your mouth…” Actually, you’ve just put words in my mouth again LOL. I don’t get overly upset by folks putting words in my mouth because it is one the clearest ways that they show their own opinion or bias.”

    And I didn’t say that you get overly upset about it. I said you are always concerned about it, which is supported by the fact that you have called me out on it every chance you (think you) get.

    So now you are putting words into my mouth.

    See how easily this game is played?

    “I think encouraging vs volunteering is splitting hairs. “I encouraged my wife to do something that should be beneath her.” vs “I volunteered my wife to do something that should be beneath her.” Both cases show disrespect for the woman in question.”

    And I think you are desperately looking for ways to support your point. Encouraging someone is absolutely nothing like volunteering someone. Regardless of the circumstances.

    McCain also encourages people to join the military because he says it is the best equal opportunity employer in America. Does that mean he is volunteering them for military service?

  42. RedPill,

    “Both” parties? I don’t subscribe to the false dichotomy that the only choices are those two major parties.

    My point is that the Republican Party that I supported would not be celebrating the reprobate they’ve nominated for President.

  43. Rutherford, I thought you might find this interesting.


    Using the public information compiled on the Web site of the non-partisan group Legistorm, Murdock concludes that, on average, women in McCain’s office are paid more than the men in McCain’s office — $1.04 for every dollar a man makes. Men in Obama’s office make more than women do; female employees make 83 cents for every dollar made by male employees.

  44. Well, Red Pill, this almost puts my mind at ease a bit. Now I can point to economic self-interest, and not a total lack of self respect for why these women flock to McCain. 🙂

  45. Nah, there are reasons why she doesn’t fit the Consistent Life Ethic that Joe talks about. I could be more specific, but that would make this comment longer than it needs to be.

    That, and Joe answers my e-mails! (Of course, I might be the only person blogging for Joe Schriner other than Joe himself, but … still …)

  46. Rutherford, what happened to your “equal pay for equal work” theme? Was it all just smoke, like when Obama says it?

    Obama claims that running his campaign is an example of his executive experience. Well there you have it. You can see right here that he has no intention of actually pushing equal pay for equal work. He doesn’t practice it now, why would he later?

    I guess women’s issues aren’t as important to you as you lead on. But I will hand it to you. You had me fooled, for a while there.

  47. Red Pill, unfortunately, you’ve slightly distorted Jake Tapper’s piece. The pay rates to which you are referring are in the respective candidates Senate offices, not in their campaign staffs. I’d venture to guess that Obama does not control Senate office staff salaries. Tapper indicates that when it comes to the campaign staffs (which as you state, Obama is the executive of) the pay differential has not been determined.

    The Obama campaign does not dispute Murdock’s figures (and neither does the McCain campaign), but Obama campaign spox Ben LaBolt argues that it’s a much different situation on Obama’s presidential campaign.

    Obama’s campaign is jam-packed with high-ranking women, LaBolt says, citing Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor Michelle Obama, Chief of Staff Stephanie Cutter, Senior Advisor Linda Douglass, VP Chief of Staff Patti Solis Doyle, VP Communications Director Ricki Seidman, National Finance Chair Penny Pritzker, Policy Director Heather Higginbottom, Domestic Policy Director Neera Tanden, Director of Rapid Response Christina Reynolds, Senior Adviser Anita Dunn, Senior Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz, Battleground States Director Jen O’Malley, Research Director Devorah Adler, Director of Scheduling and Advance Alyssa Mastromonaco, Chief Financial Officer Marianne Markowitz, Chief Operations Officer Betsy Myers, and the woman whom LaBolt says is the campaign’s highest-paid official, Finance Director Julianna Smoot. (Nice work, Jules.)

    How many employees total does Obama consider “senior staffers”? How do the numbers of high-ranking women on the Obama campaign — and their salaries — stack up?

    These questions are as yet unanswered.”>

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