McCain Goes for the “Youth” Vote

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Last Friday evening, in The McCain Update, an e-mail newsletter sent out to supporters, McCain provided a link sure to interest those young video game enthusiasts who, left to their own devices, might vote for Obama.

Right there on John’s campaign web site was Pork Invaders. I kid you not. Pork Invaders, in which you use your keyboard to move your “veto” gun back and forth and fire at a brigade of little pigs (no, I’m not making this up). If you manage to move from one level to the next, you are rewarded a snippet of anti-Obama propaganda concerning how much “pork” Obama has pushed through Senate legislation.

John’s game of course is patterned after Space Invaders. Space Invaders, folks, was invented in 1978. Wow, sure shows just how “hip” John is. Now I’m just waiting for John to show his youth appeal by writing campaign ditties to be sung to the melodies of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits. Does it get any cooler than this?

To those who feel they just don’t get enough excitement from my blog, I provide for you below a link to Pork Invaders. Fire away!

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7 thoughts on “McCain Goes for the “Youth” Vote

  1. Hilarity! I can already see the meeting to decide this:

    Roger, we need some way to tackle the young rapscallion vote.

    Yes Sir.


    Well, kids today seem to like the video games, Sir.

    Video, eh? well, what games do they play?

    When I was young, sir, I played space invaders. I loved it. I wore my joystick down to the nub! It was…

    Space! Invaders! There ain’t no aliens here, son! We can’t do that. Can we change it? Make them… ObamaInvaders? Shoot ’em down with 20 gauge shotguns?

    That may seem a bit negative, Sir. Why not go with something a bit more subtle.. with all due respect.

    Alright Roger – you manage the “delicacies” of this campaign. Just make it spiffy and slap it up on that there Internet…

  2. “Now I’m just waiting for John to show his youth appeal by writing campaign ditties to be sung to the melodies of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits.”

    I believe McCain is a Beach Boys fan.
    (“Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”)


  3. Lilac, it’s funny that you mention “delicacies” because the more I think about the phrase “Pork Invaders” the more indelicate it sounds. Kinda sounds vaguely sexually perverse.

    Red Pill, bravo, you nailed that one dead on.

  4. Just wait until McCain shows up on “American Bandstand”. Who’ll have the last laugh then?

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