“Our Campaign and our Party”

On a night when the blogosphere is ablaze with commentary on Barack Obama’s triumphant journey from Springfield, IL to St. Paul, Minnesota, it is hard for me to contribute any profound insight not already provided elsewhere. I do have one observation.

During many stump speeches, Barack spoke about how one voice could change the mood in a room and if we could change a room, we could change a city, and if we could change a city, we could change a state, and if we could change a state, we could change a country, and if we could change a country, we could change the world. Tonight, as he acccepted the presumptive Democratic nomination for President of the United States, he again spoke about his concept of an ever expanding universe of realized ideals. He repeatedly referred to the qualities that “this campaign and this party” would have in the coming election. As I listened, I thought about how as the leader of his campaign, he consistently took the high road and encouraged us to listen to our better selves. He has now sent a bold message as leader of the Democratic party that this party will also take the high road. By extrapolation, when he becomes President of the United States of America, our government will once again take the high road. As leader of the free world, he and our country will encourage all other nations to take the high road, to, in the words of Lincoln, listen to the better angels of our nature.

It is a thrilling time to be an American.


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One thought on ““Our Campaign and our Party”

  1. President Bush did that too, and you see where that got him. The world doesn’t want a leader and it isn’t on the high road.

    You want to hear a real stranger-than-truth fact about Bush? There are people that think he lied! Incredible. 7 years and not a single falsehood, and not a single person that can show one and this myth is still around.

    It’s like the Contract With America which was fulfilled in every particular ( http://www.house.gov/house/Contract/CONTRACT.html ). There actually are people living in the US who believe that it wasn’t.

    On the other hand the last impeached President, known for such crazy things as ‘finding’ stones on Normandy beach to form a cross is held up as a standard of honor.

    Obama’s campaign rhetoric is very pretty. We will see what he delivers, and we will see what the nation and world’s evaluation is, too. The latter doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the former.

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