Obama’s Time to Get Down

Barack Obama has essentially sewn up the Democratic nomination and therefore, from my perspective, he can afford to be a bit daring.

The pundits and most everyone else in the mainstream media has written off Obama’s chances in West Virginia and Kentucky. They don’t fit his demographic. My advice to Barack: it’s time to get down. Actively campaign in West Virginia and Kentucky, and don’t do it on the economy; don’t do it on the war. Do it on race! Be bold and say the following to the voters of West Virginia and Kentucky:

“The media says that Hillary Clinton will win by a landslide in your state. They cite your economic situation, your education and yes, your race as the reasons you will not vote for me. Even Hillary says that I cannot win the white vote. So, I ask you, citizens of West Virginia and Kentucky, do you really want to be defined by the media? Are you content to have them paint you as hopeless bigots who are in the pocket of Hillary Clinton? I’ve been accused of being elitist. What could be more elitist than Hillary and the media taking your vote for granted? There’s no way you’ll vote for me because you are backward, cash poor, poorly educated white folks. Is that characterization alright with you? Don’t let the folks who want to pigeon hole you define you. Forget about my being “post racial” and transcendent. Show America that you are post racial and transcendent. Show the pundits that we can shake their preconceptions upside down and that we can change America.”

That’s right. I say, now that Obama truly has the momentum, let’s take the gloves off, put this racial stereotyping of voters on the table, and make it clear to West Virginia and Kentucky that they have been pegged as totally predictable. I think that is Barack’s best chance at keeping Hillary’s lead in these states to single digits.


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One thought on “Obama’s Time to Get Down

  1. I sometimes wonder whether authenticity is ever a political strategy. Everyone seems to applaud it when it comes out, biut it is rarely utilized, leading me to believe that:

    1) 30 years in politics will effectively remove any authenticity on the part of the candidate. In the same way that i would find it hard to make fart jokes in a meeting, even though I know I’m physically capable.

    2) Politicians underestaimte the humanity of the voters

    3) Even authenticity comes off as contrived these days – a la kissing babies

    I’m not sure how this resolves itself… but I sense Obama still has some Obamaness under all the “PublicObama persona” (which I can’t say for Hill). I bet he’d be a riot at a party.

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