McCain’s Reverend Wright

Frank Rich wrote an excellent OP-ED in today’s New York Times regarding the incredible bias shown by the media when they incessantly loop Reverend Wright’s sound bites but give very little coverage to Reverend John Hagee.

To help counter this bias, I present Rev. Hagee in all his bigoted glory. As you watch this, please remember that John McCain actively pursued this man’s endorsement.

While we’re at it, let’s take another look at a former friend of the Republican party, who if he were not dead, would still be a friend of the Republican party. His sidekick, Pat Robertson was embraced by Rudy Giuliani without anyone batting an eye. This clip is recorded a mere two days after the 9/11 tragedy.

Black ministers have not cornered the market on nutjobs. Until the main stream media lives up to the standard of fair and balanced, they need to stop pointing the disdaining finger at Fox News.

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2 thoughts on “McCain’s Reverend Wright

  1. You forgot to mention how McCain attended Hagee’s church for the last 20 years, how McCain gave thousands of dollars over that time to help support Hagee’s ministry, how Hagee baptized the McCain children and married the McCains, how Hagee influenced the title of McCain’s book….

  2. The Red Pill…

    How about we say Obama loses with a closer association with the Rev. Wright and McCain loses with the bigger idiot and a real bigot of a pastor on his side. Call it even?

    There is no doubt that the media is pushing the race button with the Rev. Wright story. People are looking for a excuse not to vote for Obama.

    McCain on the other hand, we have many real reasons not to vote for him – 71 years old and out of touch with the people, big time flip flopper, gas tax holiday scam, pro-war, and would be four more years of Bush.

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