Obama Press Conference: The Only Possible Option

Regardless of how one feels about Reverend Wright, I must agree that the Reverend’s Q&A session at the National Press Club did nothing for Barack Obama’s campaign. I don’t see what more Senator Obama could possibly do besides what he did in today’s press conference.

Now it is up to the media to decide if this issue is resolved. If we continue to see the Reverend on TV 24/7, it will be clear evidence of the media milking this controversy for all it’s worth. The time has come for us to move on to the issues that should really matter to Americans.

Thanks to one of my faithful readers, Lilac, I stumbled upon the following blog entry from Dilbert author Scott Adams. It says something about political mathematics as well as a conclusion on where the collective intelligence of our voters will lead us in November. Depending on your perspective, Adams’ post gives us either a good chuckle or nightmares.

The Dilbert Blog: President McCain


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