My Daughter, Hillary Clinton

Back in January, I wrote about an incident that made me realize that I was married to Dick Cheney. This morning, the following exchange occurred:

My four year old daughter was refusing to get ready for school, specifically, refusing to brush her teeth. In an attempt to motivate her, I said, “I can finish brushing my teeth before you do.” I then rushed into the bathroom. She followed me and said “I don’t want to race.” Since she went over to the sink to start the brushing ritual, I said that no race was necessary if it displeased her.

She wound up finishing her teeth cleaning before I had finished mine and she announced, “I win!” I said, “wait a minute, I thought we weren’t racing?” Apparently, seeing that she had finished first, she could not resist claiming victory despite the fact that no contest was in effect.

My wife said, “wow, she’s Hillary Clinton”. Sure enough, as long as the outcome of Florida and Michigan were unknown, Hillary was willing to agree that those races were beauty pageants only, with no significance to the actual primary race. Of course, once she won the popular vote in both states, she changed her tune.

It says a lot that one of our candidates for the Democratic nomination has the same sense of fair play as a four year old.

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2 thoughts on “My Daughter, Hillary Clinton

  1. And yet, Rutherford, your daughter is so much cuter! and, for that matter, your wife as well!

    This seems like the “stupid extreme” of “don’t join a race you can’t win”. Rather, just declare something you won was a race. Better yet, go the GWBush route and declare you won a race you never won!

    Still, whatever gets those pearly whites clean…

  2. {{It says a lot that one of our candidates for the Democratic nomination has the same sense of fair play as a four year old.}}

    … or just about any guy, really.

    On more than one occasion, I’ve noticed that I’ve been walking in the same direction as another guy, and then we each pick up speed, and whoever gets there first suddenly announces, “I win!”

    Then again, equating guys with four year olds has been done more than once.

    Men will be boys, I guess …

    Sorry, am I a bit off-topic?

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