Clinton Admits She is a Liar and Nobody Notices

It seems that all anyone can talk about today is the dubious journalistic integrity demonstrated by ABC’s Presidential Debate hosts, and the below par performance of Barack Obama.

What seems to have flown under the radar is the following quote from Hillary Clinton regarding her Bosnia comments:

On a couple of occasions in the last weeks I just said some things that weren’t in keeping with what I knew to be the case and what I had written about in my book.

Now maybe I’ve lost my grasp of the English language but the last time I checked, when you say something that you know not to be the case, you are … LYING. Up until last night, Hillary has said she misspoke or that she was tired. In Wednesday night’s debate she said unequivocally that she had lied. She then boldly suggested we should overlook it.

We are seeing here the height of hubris. “I will tell you to your face that I am a liar and guess what, you’re still going to vote for me.” Hillary has taken the same old Washington politics and brought it to a whole new and absurd level. I can only hope that Pennsylvania does not reward her for it.

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4 thoughts on “Clinton Admits She is a Liar and Nobody Notices

  1. You make a good point here. Actually a couple. With all the focus directed at the journalistic integrity of the debate hosts, “overlooking it” appears to be exactly what is going on here.

    Although, I think one could make the argument that Hillary was less “lying”, and more “embellishing”. Maybe a fine line there, sure. But in the annals of “lies”, an anecdote about some trip to Bosnia ranks quite a bit lower than, say, lying about a war.

    I still wonder what the heck she was thinking. The embellishment hardly seemed worth it.

  2. Dickard, while I can’t quite sign up for the term “ho” simply because it carries way too much loaded gender bashing, I otherwise love your highlighted post. I particularly loved the Hitler analogy.

    This nomination is indeed about character and I fear our country has serious blinders on when it comes to this.

  3. I agree. Frankly though I’ve decided to stop being cautious with her anymore. I think when you call someone Judas (granted that was Carville but she hardly disclaimed it) it’s open season.

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