The Bitter Speech – An Eyewitness Account

It is amazing to me how we take sound bites and dissect them ad nauseam, divorcing them from any context and thereby distorting their meaning. Such has been the case with Senator Barack Obama’s now infamous comments made at a fund raiser in San Francisco two weekends ago.

I was therefore tremendously relieved to find an account of the “Bitter Speech” from someone who was actually there. David Coleman, active in the California legal system, was at the fund raiser and puts Obama’s comments in their necessary context.

Contrary to being elitist or condescending, Obama was telling the audience (and one particular questioner) why it was not good enough to go to Pennsylvania and use all the standard rehearsed talking points. He said that this was a population that was hurting and needed straight talk, not political platitudes. He also talked about urban youth who have lost hope (a topic totally ignored in the current debate).

Once again, Hillary Clinton has shown she will do anything to win the nomination. Before you judge Obama’s sound bite, take a moment to read the full account. Then decide which candidate is really looking down on the voters of Pennsylvania.

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