Honesty Distorted as Elitism

Comments that Barack Obama made in San Fransisco about folks in Pennsylvania and Ohio have been pounced upon by Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s campaigns.

I hope that the citizens of PA and OH don’t fall for this tactic. Isn’t it much easier to tell a population, “You’re not bitter or angry or resentful that your jobs have disappeared and your economy has gone to hell. How could you be? You know Washington loves you. You know your government is looking out for you.” Rather, Obama takes the honest route. He basically says Washington has let you down, time and time again. You have EVERY reason to be angry, bitter and cynical. He follows that up with a promise to bring a different kind of politics to Washington.

Clinton and McCain wrap themselves in so-called patriotism and basically tell Americans that to be proud to be an American is to keep a stiff upper lip, take your lumps like a man, and be happy in the knowledge that you live in the greatest country in the world. On the other hand, Obama tells the truth. This is a great country that needs to be greater. When we ignore bitterness, racism, sexism, and anti-immigrant sentiment, then we cannot hope to fix their underlying causes. Obama’s premise is that we must first acknowledge people’s feelings, without judgement, and then dig deeper to find what causes those feelings. Only then can Washington take steps to make people’s lives better.

In Indiana, Obama responded to Clinton and McCain’s attacks brilliantly. I’ll leave you, the reader, with his words, not mine.



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