Hillary Drops Out: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Most pundits and statisticians agree that Hillary Clinton’s chances of being the Democratic nominee for President are slim to none. In fact, if the positions were reversed and Barack Obama was where Hillary is now, he most certainly would have thrown in the towel.

As I look at the situation I see nothing but upside to Hillary’s departure from this race. Polls have shown that most Hillary supporters would vote for Obama if he were the nominee. So, while her base would be disappointed, they would not likely sit out the November election. So there is little to lose by her dropping out.

If she dropped out, she would be the hero of the Democratic party. She would clear the way for the most dynamic candidate of the past 45 years to take on John McCain. She would demonstrate her commitment to the future of our country and she would lay to rest the suspicion that she would prefer McCain to win over Obama. She would cement her place in the Senate as a force to be reckoned with. She would totally disarm her opponents who consider her a selfish calculating politician.

If she stays in, she risks wrecking the Democratic party, particularly if the superdelegates award her the nomination. If nominated against the will of the people, Hillary will lose most if not all of the African-American vote and McCain will be the next President. If the superdelegates uphold the verdict of the primary/caucus voters, then Obama will emerge from the convention severely beaten up by his own fellow Democrat and the delay in his selection will give McCain a huge head of steam toward a November victory.

In short, by dropping out, Hillary has nothing to lose and everything to gain.



5 thoughts on “Hillary Drops Out: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

  1. I think that the Democrats are just itching to give the White House to the Republicans – AGAIN!

    I hope that Hillary Clinton stays in…..she guarantees McCain a victory….

    She is snake – plain and simple!! A greedy, selfish and self-centered arrogant imbecile……all the qualities that will ensure McCain a win in the White House…..lets hope!

  2. The Democrats – as a Party – are in no shape to lead this country. They can’t even lead themselves. Top Democratic leaders are telling Billary to pull out. . . . and she won’t.

    There is no cohesion there.

    No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, there is one thing you cannot disagree on: the Republicans are extremely organized. They have a message and they sell that message very effectively.

    they are like a soft drink: they bottle their ideas and sell them and just like Pepsi or Coke, everyone has it in their hands to read.

    The Democrats? Well, they are like a someone dropped their tray of food on the floor and they are scrambling to put together the burger that is all over the floor….

    Me? Im drinking my coke!

  3. Ajax, while I certainly don’t support your Republican leanings, I will admit that just this morning I was thinking about the difference between the Republican and Democratic primary process.

    The Republicans have no superdelegates and they have winner-take-all states. Doesn’t this make the process nice and cut-and-dry? The Dem’s on the other hand allow all this minuscule apportioning of delegates, which almost guarantees a tie among the front runners and then the whole superdelegate phenom which further muddies the waters.

    My worst fear is that in a year when the Republicans should have NO chance of winning, they will win simply because the Dem’s screwed things up. Let’s hope I am wrong.

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