Why Hillary Cannot be Nominated: Judgement

Senator Barack Obama has made much of Senator Hillary Clinton’s vote to empower George Bush to go to war with Iraq and quite frankly, while I love Barack, the argument is getting old. Yes, it was the wrong vote. But it is the past. How about the present?

Hillary has made a statement in the present that proves beyond all doubt that she does not have the judgement  to be President of the United States of America. On more than one occasion Hillary has stated that the Florida and Michigan primary votes should stand as is. One might argue about Florida. While it was a beauty contest, neither side campaigned and both sides were represented on the ballot.  So one could argue the contest was “fair”. There is of course the factor that some folks may not have voted because they knew there would be no delegates seated but that not withstanding there was still record turnout for the vote in Florida.

Michigan on the other hand is entirely different. Barack was not on the ballot in Michigan. How can Hillary possibly say with a straight face that she beat someone who was not even on the ballot? Indeed, if she had run unopposed in all the other contests across the country, she could claim victories everywhere. It is totally absurd.

So fundamentally, Hillary saying that she “won” Michigan is equivalent to George Bush saying that Iraq was responsible for 9/11.  Senator Clinton has proven that she will say anything, however nonsensical, to achieve her ends. Why do we believe that once President she will not continue to manipulate the American people to fulfill her own agenda?


One thought on “Why Hillary Cannot be Nominated: Judgement

  1. Hillary can’t be nominated because she violated just about every rule and regulation therein, and added more violations on her own. She have double dipped the violations. She blatantly exceeded her limits in violations and have disgraced the American public with no remorse and added more sorrow to ongoing continued efforts. In her attempts to harm and destroy, she has did a perfect job on herself.

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