The Jena Six – How does the discussion get past go?

I’ve watched a decent bit of coverage lately on the Jena Six and what astounds me is how casually the newscasters set up the story by telling us that someone was sitting under a “whites only” tree and then they elaborate on the latest update.

Excuse me? For me the story ENDS at the mention of the “whites only” tree. What kind of foolishness is that in 2007 America? The events that followed are not the news here. They are the consequences of the news. The news here is that in 2007, we still have communities who believe they can label a TREE for white people. The news here is that some 40 years after the heyday of the civil rights movement, there are pockets of society where such blatant (and stupid) racism is still tolerated.

Forget the inequities behind how whites and blacks were treated in the aftermath of this “tree incident”. Let’s get back to the root of the issue! Trees exist for anyone to sit under if they want to. There are no whites-only trees!



3 thoughts on “The Jena Six – How does the discussion get past go?

  1. That’s the media for you. It wasn’t a “whites only tree” – blacks chose to sit in another area so they wouldn’t have to asscoiate with white kids as well.

  2. Chris,
    I find it interesting that you don’t see the difference between people choosing where they want to congregate vs being told where they cannot congregate.

  3. How do you know that the black kids would let a white kid sit with them? That’s the problem with this story. There are many facets to it, but people just accept the misconception white=bad racist and black=good.

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