Damn! Another Thug!

We were told that down in Florida an angelic black child with only candy and iced tea had been gunned down by a crazy lilly white vigilante who was not arrested. Photos of the child made him look between 10 and 13. Following my liberal instincts I joined the chorus of the outraged.

Then came the drip drip drip of truth. The shooter was not lilly white. He was part Hispanic so the “racial angle” was immediately compromised. Then we learned the little angel was not so little and was far from an angel. In deep trouble at school, his Twitter handle was NoLimitNigga. He was essentially a thug. The possibility that he beat his shooter in a very fear inducing way became quite believable.

Trayvon Martin taught me to hold my fire on these racial injustice stories. And so it went this week when the unarmed “gentle giant” Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri. This time I waited to chime in. This time, thanks to an unwise move by the Ferguson chief of police, we didn’t get the drip drip drip. This time we got video of the gentle giant robbing a convenience store and assaulting one of its employees mere minutes before his fatal encounter with police.

Alas, like Trayvon before him, Brown was a thug and if we believe our own eyes, a more intimidating thug than Trayvon was.

Was the video prejudicial? Of course it was. Did its release disrespect the parents of the dead young man? Yes, sadly it did. But the video served a far more noble purpose. It allows us to get REAL about this young man who has captured the sympathy of so many.

When Fox News asked Jesse Jackson why we never see him decrying rampant black on black crime in Chicago but always see him (and Al Sharpton) in places like Ferguson, his answer was telling. He said he would be soon attending a funeral in Chicago. You see, for black on black inner city stuff, we console the victim’s family and leave it at that. We don’t scream “justice” for the victim and focus on the black thug who killed him. After all, it’s whitey’s fault that our children kill each other right?

I’m sick and tired of it. I’m sick and tired of NEVER hearing the words “responsibility” or “accountability” when discussing black behavior (unless it’s Bill Cosby). I’m sick and tired of being sold a bill of goods about polite good black boys getting imprisoned wrongly or worse shot to death. We ALL know a good kid when we see one, regardless of race. So let’s stop this charade that properly behaved kids are getting gunned down on a regular basis.

But you say it’s not fair that black thugs get treated worse than white thugs. Let’s assume that is true. My momma told me when I was a kid that it was GOOD to be black because you had to hold yourself to a higher standard. I submit nearly every successful black has had someone in their life who told them that. Think how sick the culture must be that our chief complaint is we can’t get away with crime like white folks do.

Contrary to what the liberal media are telling you, there is no war on young black men. There is a war on young black thugs. We need to wake up and demand better from our children.

Once and for all, more than 100 years after the end of slavery, white people are NOT going to save us. We need to save ourselves.

And one more thing. Notice how much more anger and violence was stoked by the Brown shooting vs the wrongful death of Eric Garner on Staten Island, a black man choked to death by a cop over a truly frivolous crime. DAMN! Black folk don’t even know who their true martyrs are.

Next time, talk to me when a truly sweet polite law abiding black kid gets killed by THE MAN. Until then, you can talk to the hand.


Talk Amongst Yourselves

Usually whatever I post, my loyal readers pick their own topics to discuss in the comments section. So tonight with Iraq a mess, the Ukraine a scary Russian power play, Israel and Palestine in their usual state of unrest, and another gifted artist gone too soon from self destruction, I leave the topics to you.

Have at it.


We Need Some Good GOP Campaign Songs

A few days ago one of my loyal readers posted a Liz Warren campaign song video (even though she’s not running for anything right now). The video was posted to my comments section with a snide comment and reminder of the Obama songs we contended with in 2008.

I wondered why we never see any good campaign songs for the GOP contenders? Rather than mock Warren’s supporters, how about putting together some ditties for your candidates? So I figured in this time of dark headlines and world unrest, we could use a lighter post today. Here are my song fragments for a few of the leading contenders for the GOP POTUS run.

Mitt Romney (provide your own melody)

Mitt’s the hit, he’s the hole in one.
Michigan’s favorite son.

Vote for Mitt and you can bet
He’ll wipe out Russia, our biggest threat.

“Bankrupt Detroit”, our Mitt foretold
That GM cars would all soon explode.

The war on women will gets its licks
When Mitt opens up his binder of chicks.


Rand Paul (provide your own melody)

Rand Paul, he’s our man
A tried and true Libertarian

Rand Paul, he’s our man
He won’t send your son to die in Iran.

He’ll get the gov out of your bedroom
And let you smoke pot and eat your shrooms.

And just like his Daddy said
He’ll stop foreign aid and audit the Fed.

Jeb Bush (to the melody of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance”)

Everybody’s talking ’bout Iraq, Afghans, Katrina, failed banks, Cheney, Rumsfeld.

All we are saying, give Jeb Bush a chance!

Everybody’s talking ’bout Father, Brother, dynasty, even Mother say’s it’s bullshit but

All we are saying, give Jeb Bush a chance!

Marco Rubio (to the melody of “La Bamba”)

Come on and vote for Marco.
Come on and vote for Marco, the Cuban wonder.
He’s not like Obama.
He’s not like Obama, he will not plunder
Your hard earned wages.
Your hard earned wages will stay with you, will stay with you, will stay with you!

Come on and vote for Marco.
Come on and vote for Marco, the Rubio.
He will fix immigration.
He will fix immigration but do it slow.
Don’t want to piss off the right wing
Don’t want to piss off the right wing and Tea Party
He will fix immigration
He will fix immigration very slowly, very slowly, very slowly.


Chris Christie (to the melody of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”)

Have yourself a President Chris Christie.
He’s a voice that’s new.
While others coddle voters, he just says “Fuck you!”

So have yourself a President Christie — FUCK YOU!