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Allen West Channels John Iselin

Fans of the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate know that John Iselin was the hapless tool of his wife, a Communist plotter played by Angela Lansbury. A running joke in the film was that Iselin (modeled after Joseph McCarthy) always named a different number of Communists who had infiltrated the department of defense. His wife helped him settle on a number with the help of a bottle of Heinz 57 ketchup.

Fast forward to 2012 and truth becomes stranger than fiction. Tuesday, Florida congressman Allen West told a gathering that there were between 78 and 81 Democrats in Congress who are Communists. I desperately wanted to find  a video of the original John Iselin declaration but did my work for me.

Now could someone just tell Allen’s wife (who by scary coincidence is named Angela) to get him a bottle of ketchup so he can settle on one number?

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